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Shanah Tovah,

Never have those two words been so filled with hope. A good year. It is our fervent wish that it be a shanah tovah for ourselves, our families, our friends, our city, our country, our world. The big message of the High Holidays is that change is possible. Do we really need that message right now? Haven’t we all experienced all the change we can bear? Our yearning for the past is palpable. I walked into the JCC after months of not being here and all I wanted was to sit in my office just like I used to do, ride the elevators, greet our members, work with our staff, and order the same salad for lunch I used to order.

But we know now for sure that change is the new normal, that this holiday season reminds us that not only do each of us have the capacity to change for the better, but that change is baked into the world, that change is good, that living with the understanding that change happens at every moment is the necessary muscle we must all strengthen, now more than ever.

Rosh Hashanah comes to say to us, we can be better, we can do better, we can change. Rosh Hashanah comes to say to us, embrace change. It asks us what lessons we have learned from this challenging time, what colors look richer, what relationships mean more. In this time when we feel so unable to control our lives, we can hold these competing truths—that while so much is out of our hands, we have hands—to create beautiful things, to sustain ourselves, to support one another, to applaud those who have sustained us.

From my home to yours, I wish you a year filled with goodness, kindness, love, and growth.

Shanah tovah,

Rabbi Joy Levitt
Executive Director


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JCC-Led Services

Musical Rosh Hashanah (Alternative) Service for the Whole Family
Sat, Sep 19, 1:30-2:30 pm, $10

Virtual Kol Nidre with Rabbi Joy Levitt
Sun, Sep 27, 6:45-8 pm, Free

Yizkor Memorial Service led by Rabbi Brian Fink
Mon, Sep 28, 1:30-2:30 pm, Free

Other Organizations Providing High Holiday Services


Because Jewish



Hillel Higher Holidays (for college students)

Interfaith Families Project


For UJA's round-up of High Holidays services, please click here.


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